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This Department is a very dynamic academic unit within the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (RUM) and one of the top ones in obtaining external funds and resources within the University of Puerto Rico System. Currently, the Department is carrying out projects with external funds for more than $14,000,000, generating significant benefits to several sectors of the Institution (refer to our Our Mission).

For the past five years, a significant number of papers have been published by our faculty members in prestigious technical journals (refer to the list of publications). The Department has, among its faculty members, three National Science Foundation “Early Career Development Award” recipients, one of whom also obtained the “Presidential Early Career Award”, the highest honor granted to outstanding engineers and scientist during the first stages of their careers by the Government of the United States.

Through the Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), the Department has established links with 18 industries, resulting in more and better opportunities to enhance the education of the engineers of the future, in consonance with the new requirements of the work environment. The teaching and research subjects are of great demand and fundamental for the technological development of Puerto Rico in the new millennium. The interest of the students in the six engineering specialties offered by the University of Puerto Rico can be measured by the entrance indices (see Figure 1). In fact, 50% of the applications to the School of Engineering for the first academic term of 1998-1999 were to this Department, the highest index in the University (see Figure 1).

At the moment, the Department manages the beginning of a doctoral program in Sciences and Engineering of Information and Computation, jointly with the Department of Mathematics of the Campus, and already glimpses the possibility of other programs of PhD in areas of high demand.

In the present time, the Department is starting a joint Doctoral Program in Information and Computation Science and Engineering together with the Department of Mathematics of the Mayagüez Campus and is already contemplating the possibility of offering other Doctoral Programs in areas of high demand. The University of Puerto Rico plays an important role in government policy making and within the University, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering teaches and conducts research in areas that are fundamental to improve the Island infrastructure and to attract the Industry to come and invest in Puerto Rico.

The enthusiastic and enterprising faculty members have been important in helping to implement the UPR Systemic Strategic Plan, and the Science and Technology Policy recommended by the company Arthur D. Little to the Government of Puerto Rico.

The Department currently has 48 faculty members and serves a total student population of 2,110, of whom 850 are Electrical Engineering undergraduates, 530 are Computer Engineering undergraduates, and 80 are graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering. These faculty members also serve other 650 students from other Engineering Programs. The faculty members are also responsible for 11 externally funded research projects and others funded with seed money from the Mayagüez Campus as well as the IAP projects.

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