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ICOM 4009 Software Engineering
ICOM 4015 Advanced Programming
ICOM 4029 Compiler Construction
ICOM 4035 Data Structures
ICOM 4036 Programming Languages
ICOM 4048 Practical Experience in Computer Engineering
ICOM 4066 Software Project Management
ICOM 4075 Fundamentals of Computing
ICOM 4215 Computer Architecture and Organization
ICOM 4995 Engineering Practice for COOP Students
ICOM 4998 Undergraduate Research
ICOM 5007 Operating Systems
ICOM 5015 Artificial Intelligence
ICOM 5016 Database Systems
ICOM 5017 System and Network Administration and Security
ICOM 5018 Network Security and Cryptography
ICOM 5025 Object-Oriented Software Development
ICOM 5026 Computer Networks
ICOM 5047 Design Project in Computer Engineering
ICOM 5217 Microprocessor Interfacing
ICOM 5995 Special Problems
ICOM 6005 Database System Design
ICOM 6006 Distributed Systems
ICOM 6089 Object Oriented Programing Design
ICOM 6095 Human-Machine Interaction
ICOM 6115 Subject in Computer Engineering
ICOM 6117 Usability Engineering
ICOM 6215 Expert Systems
ICOM / INEL 4308 Networking and Routing Fundamentals
ICOM / INEL 5318 Intermediate Routing, Switching, and Wide Area Networks
INEL 3105 Electrical Systems Analysis I
INEL 3115 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
INEL 4048 Electrical Engineering Practice
INEL 4075 Fundamental of Electrical Engineering
INEL 4076 Fundamentals of Electronics
INEL 4077 Basic Electronics Laboratory
INEL 4085 Fundamentals of Transformers and Electric Machinery
INEL 4086 Transformers and Electric Machinery Laboratory
INEL 4095 Signals and Systems
INEL 4102 Electrical System Analysis II
INEL 4103 Electrical Systems Analysis III
INEL 4115 Electrical Measurements Laboratory
INEL 4151 Electromagnetics I
INEL 4152 Electromagnetics II
INEL 4155 Applied Engineering Electromagnetics
INEL 4156 Electromagnetics Laboratory
INEL 4201 Electronics I
INEL 4202 Electronics II
INEL 4205 Logic Circuits
INEL 4206 Microprocessors
INEL 4207 Digital Electronics
INEL 4211 Electronics Laboratory I
INEL 4212 Electronics Laboratory II
INEL 4218 Introduction to VLSI Design
INEL 4225 Digital Electronics Laboratory
INEL 4301 Communications Theory 1
INEL 4307 Communication Between Computers
INEL 4405 Electrical Machines
INEL 4406 Electrical Machines Laboratory
INEL 4407 Electrical System Design I
INEL 4408 Electrical Systems Design II
INEL 4409 Illumination Engineering
INEL 4415 Power System Analysis
INEL 4416 Power Electronics
INEL 4505 Introduction to Control Systems
INEL 4995 Engineering Practice for Coop Students
INEL 4998 Undergraduate Research
INEL 5046 Pattern Recognition
INEL 5195 Design Project in Electrical Engineering
INEL 5205 Instrumentation
INEL 5206 Digital System Design
INEL 5207 Analog Design with Operational Amplifier and Integrated Circuits
INEL 5208 Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation
INEL 5209 Introduction to Solid State Electronics
INEL 5265 Analog Integrated Circuit Design 3
INEL 5307 Optical Communication
INEL 5309 Digital Signal Processing
INEL 5315 Theory of Communications II
INEL 5316 Wireless Communications
INEL 5325 Communication System Design: Circuits and Antennas
INEL 5326 Communication Systems Design: Digital Signal Processing
INEL 5327 Image Processing
INEL 5355 Introduction to Subsurface Sensing and I
INEL 5406 Design of Transmission and Distribution
INEL 5407 Aided Power System Design
INEL 5408 Electric Motors Control
INEL 5415 Power System Protection
INEL 5495 Design Projects in Powers Systems
INEL 5496 Design Projects in Power Electronics
INEL 5505 Linear System Analysis
INEL 5506 Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering
INEL 5508 Digital Control Systems
INEL 5516 Automation and Robotics
INEL 5605 Antenna Theory and Design
INEL 5606 Microwave Engineering
INEL 5607 Introduction to Radar Meteorology
INEL 5616 Wireless Communications
INEL 5626 Microwave Engineering II
INEL 5627 Antenna Theory, Analysis and Design II
INEL 5629 Telecommunications Electronics
INEL 5995 Special Problems
INEL 6000 Introduction to Nonlinear Control
INEL 6001 Feedback Control Systems I
INEL 6007 Introduction to Remote Sensing
INEL 6009 Computer Systems Architecture
INEL 6025 Advanced Energy Conversion
INEL 6026 Computational Methods for Power Systems Analysis II
INEL 6027 Dynamics and Control of Integrated Power
INEL 6028 Optimization and Economic Operation of Integrated Power Systems
INEL 6047 Advanced Control System Theory
INEL 6048 Advanced Microprocessor Interfacing
INEL 6049 Multidimensional Signal Processing
INEL 6050 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Algor
INEL 6055 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
INEL 6058 High Frequency Power Converters
INEL 6059 Intelligent Systems and Control
INEL 6066 Control of Electric Drive Systems
INEL 6068 Microwave Antenna Engineering
INEL 6069 Microwave Remote Sensing
INEL 6075 Integrated Circuits Fabrication
INEL 6076 Adaptive and Optimal Signal Processing
INEL 6077 Phenomena in Power Systems
INEL 6078 Detection and Stochastic Processes
INEL 6079 Advanced Integrated Circuit Design Techniques
INEL 6080 VLSI Systems Design
INEL 6085 Analysis and Design of Power Semiconduct
INEL 6088 Computer Vision
INEL 6096 Electric Power Quality
INEL 6105 Active remote sensing techniques
INEL 6106 Introduction to Radar Systems
INEL 6115 Microwave Active Circuits
INEL 6216 Advanced Electromagnetics
INEL 6601 Advanced Electromagnetics
INEL 6605 Active remote sensing techniques
INEL 6606 Introduction to Radar Systems
INEL 6615 Microwave Active Circuits
INEL 6668 Microwave Antenna Engineering
INEL 6669 Microwave Remote Sensing
INEL 6995 Special Topics Electrical Engineering
INEL 8295 Advanced Topics in Electronics
INEL 8395 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing: Im
INEL 8496 Advanced Topics in Power Electronics
INEL 8595 Advanced Topics in Control Systems
INEL 8695 Advanced Topics in Applied Electromagnet



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